"Humble Support and Steadfast Honor to those who 
Served and Sacrificed"

 Newby-ginnings of North Idaho, Inc. (“Newby-ginnings”)
was created in October 2013 in
Honor and Memory of
SPC Nicholas Newby who was killed in action in Baghdad,Iraq on July 7, 2011.

Newby-ginnings of North Idaho, Inc. was born in the car.  My mom and I were driving on 1-90 on a sunny summer  day about a year after Nick was killed. I was explaining to her that I wanted to start a non-profit in Nick's name.  An organization that would be based in the community that he loved and would assist his brothers that came home. She said the name. "Newby-ginnings." I could see it instantly. I was stunned. It was perfect. I spoke about Newby-ginnings for about a year, about my plans, my dream. I would write down the name and slide it across the table to the person I was talking to. I watched their face as what I had written registered in their mind. A gasp usually followed, along with misty eyes. "It's perfect" they would always say. "How can I be involved?" "What can I do to help?" "When are you going to make this happen?" Natassja Hittle and Joy Rogers helped me make it happen. We had our first meeting and we were on the move. The idea has flourished and the mission expanded to include families of the fallen, those that have served and those that are continuing to serve our country.  Newby-ginnings has given me an opportunity to do something good with our unfathomable loss. It is providing me with pride and purpose. I am still Nick's mom.
 Like Alice through the looking glass, I unwillingly stepped into a strange new world without my son. I can never go back. So I will take this strength, that I didn't know that I had, and I will turn it into something remarkable.
I will turn it into a new beginning.       
Theresa Hart

​         WHERE WE ARE NOW​​
Basic necessities.  Common comforts.  Things that most of us take for granted everyday.  Gratitude and respect for time served and sacrifices made for our freedom.  That's what Newby-ginnings strives to provide to our Veterans, our Active Servicemen and Women, and our Gold Star Families every day.  With no hoops.  No red tape.  No appointments.  No waiting months on end. And we do this with the support of our community. With nothing but donations and fundraisers. Because no money exchanges hands. There are no income eligibility guidelines and no proof of need required. Whatever they need, at no charge. 

Everyday we meet Veterans, Active Servicemen and Women, and Gold Star Families that are struggling financially; they are struggling with the VA system, health issues, PTSD, TBI, and relationship problems because of all of this. 

We have found that Newby-ginnings is place where they can come, not only for basic household necessities, but peer support, resources and referrals to other agencies.  We work very closely with the American Legion, the VFW, DAV, the Combat Vet Riders, Combat Vet Motorcycle Assoc., the VA,  Kootenai County Veteran Services, Goodwill, Heritage Health,  St. Vincent’s and many more.  We have become a viable and reliable resource in the Veteran community.

So far, in 4 1/2  years, we have assisted over well 2500 Veterans, Active Servicemen and Women and Gold Star Families in our area.  From Montana, Cheney, Deer Park and everywhere in between. We average about 100 visitors to our shop every day that we are open and we enroll at least 10 new Veterans a week.  

Currently we are governed by an 8-person Board of Directors 
 Greg Munden(President)
Joe Stordahl (Vice-President)
Diane Blacklidge (Treasurer)
Jami Pitner (Secretary)
Jack Drapeau
Robert Coles
Doug Tervo
​Mark Brassington
James Hart (Co-Founder)
​Theresa Hart (Founder)

And our shop is run entirely by VOLUNTEERS! 
They are the heart, soul and muscles of our organization.  We couldn't do what we do without them!

Everyday people want to thank us for what we are doing.  Veterans, Active Servicemen and Women, Gold Star Families, even contributors, members of our community. But I’m uncomfortable with that.  I want to thank them.  For their service and their sacrifice and for giving me an opportunity to give my life and Nick’s death some kind of meaning. 

  1. Managing Director
    Greg (Vice President) and Kay Munden
  2. Managing Director
    Jack Drapeau (Board Member) and Kimi Coles
  3. Managing Director
    Joe Stordahl (Board Member) and Diane Blacklidge (Treasurer)
  4. Managing Director
    Bryanna Paul, Rich Dandelski (President) and Doug Tervo
  5. Managing Director
    James and Theresa Hart - Founders
  6. Managing Director
    Pam Moist (Board Member)
  7. Managing Director
    Larry Carstensen and Shaun Stein (Secretary)
  8. Managing Director
    James Hart (Founder) and Char Carstensen (Board Member)
  9. Managing Director
    Robbie Coles, Char Carstensen (Board Member), Nathan Botts, Rich Dandelski (President)

Monday - Wednesday
9:00am - 5:00pm